Corporate Transactions

We are experts in the advisory of M&A transactions.

We work for our clients in exclusivity selling or buying mandates.

Our methodology is based on several fundamental principles:

  • A good Strategic Analysis of the company and the environment in which it does business
  • Research of potential candidates: we identify the ideal candidates for each type of transaction
  • An intensive and rigorous preparation of the project: dossier, financial projections, etc.
  • Rigorous valuation of the business
  • We have the ability to manage projects, both nationally and internationally
  • We have extensive experience in complex negotiation processes

Selling or buying a business is an art that relies on certain technical aspects. We are rigorous in the technique and creative in the art.

Business Selling

Our mission is to meet the selling shareholders’ objectives, and we are fully committed to it.

Business Buying

Our mission is helping the full deployment of our client’s growth project through high value add acquisitions, at an adequate cost.