Management Audit

Companies evolve and, as they develop, their complexity, internal and external, increases.

It is necessary for the organization not only to keep pace with the growth of the business, but to offer the best results.

It is the responsibility of the senior management to make a periodic review of the team’s capabilities, skills and performance, to ensure its alignment with the needs of the company and thus to ensure the future competitiveness of the organization.

Our proposal is based on two differentiated steps:

  • Management Team Audit, covering:
    • The adequacy of the professional capacities of its members
    • The individual skills profile
    • The growth potential for the development of the company’s strategy
  • The issuance of recommendations regarding:
    • Training needs for the development of additional skills
    • The definition of new positions in the organization structure
    • Changes in the design of the organization chart and / or the location of people in it