Board of Directors

The Globalization of Business, the rate of the appearance of New Technologies (which must be adopted very quickly), the increasing capacity for Data Generation and Analysis (BigData, IA) and the need to Design Strategies with a clear Digital Focus, have increased notably the complexity of management.

Experience shows that the Board of Directors, if well designed and managed, can be an engine that can fuel the adaptation of the company to any changes in the business environment.

In the Board of Directors field, we advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Design of the Board: based on the company’s strategy plan, its shareholder structure and the capabilities of its management team, we help define the professional profiles to build the Board of Directors.
  • Running the Board: advisors to the Chairman of the Board to get the most value out of the Board meetings.
  • Non Executive Director: we propose ourselves as candidates for a non-executive position in the Board of Directors in those cases where our professional capacities fit the needs of the Company.